Monday, April 27, 2009

Mommy doesn't mind....

Mommy doesn't mind changing all of these stinky diapers in one day.....

Even though I'm so silly....

and wait to finish pooping until after she finishes changing the diaper that she already waited 15 minutes to change to make sure I was done.....

I know she doesn't mind because I know a secret......

Mommy and Daddy have a deal.....

If Mommy changes all of the stinky diapers, Daddy changes the stinky cat box....

So I know Mommy doesn't mind......although it doesn't hurt that I'm so cute ;)

Love, Harley

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week 1

I thought I would just give a brief overview of Harley's first week! We left the hospital Monday afternoon, and then went to Walmart to grab a few things that we needed (thank you mamma), then went home and settled in nicely. On Tuesday Uncle Scott came for a visit and brought lots of yummy foods....

Here is Harley relaxing with her Uncle Scott...

On Wednesday Harley had her first doctors appointment where the doctor told us that everything looks great, then we headed to petco and walmart to grab a few more things. After that we went home to find Grandpa Davis and Uncle Tim on the porch waiting for us!! So we got all rested up and then went to a family dinner at the Shaver's, where everyone got a nice turn to hold her, after which she was very exhausted lol.
Here she is all bundled up for the day....this warm thingy is just slightly too big, as can be seen by picture number 1...

Here she is after we got home from Walmart, what a long day already, and still more to go!!! She is such a trooper!

The next few are of the dinner with the Fam...

On Thursday Grandma, Grandpa and Timmy drove back to CDA and Harley and I had our first day home by ourselves, and it went great! She is such a good little! We just kicked it at home in our sweats relaxing from the busy day we had just had! On Friday I had a hair appointment (thank you Mamma) and so Albert, Harley, and I packed up and spent some time at the beauty parlor! She slept through the entire thing, with no problem, thank goodness. I don't have a picture of my hair yet but I will take one in the next few days so that everyone can see. I love it, it makes me feel so much better! After our appointment we went home for a nap and lunch, and then packed up again and went to Seattle to have dinner with a friend of Albert's from his mission who is here to ride motorcycles at the supercross event that is going on. She also slept through that whole experience in a sling on her daddy's shoulder! He said he was making up for the nine months that I had to carry her around haha, I don't have any pictures of that sadly I didn't even think of it. And lastly, today Harley and I took a walk to Grandma's and Grandpa's to get some exercise, and enjoy the nice day. Kaylee came over for dinner to hang out with us, while Albert went back over to Seattle to go and watch his friend ride.
Laying on Kaylee's chest...

Chillin' with Kaylee...

Bath time, she loves loves loves the water, whether it's a bath or a shower.

All swaddled up, sleepin the night away!

Well hopefully that satisfys everyone who wanted more! All in all we had a fantastic week full of lots of fun activities, and family fun! We love our little girl and already think she is growing too fast!!!
Love the Shavers, Albert, Liz and Harley.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Aftermath

I'm back! It's Liz again, we are still in the hospital soon to go home...hopefully. I just thought I would put up the last few pictures we took before the camera died...

Here is Albert right after everything died down, and everyone left right after she was born...

Here she is sleeping....

and lastly here she is with her Auntie Ginny right before Gin had to leave to go home. I was so glad to have you here Gin it was such a great blessing!

We will take more pictures after we get home, and we can charge the camera some more. We love you all and thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Love the Shavers; Albert, Liz and Harley

Saturday, April 11, 2009


HARLEY girl is here!!!! She arrived at 10:50 pm. Weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. She is a big healthy girl and isnt to loud. The pictures are in the wrong order but you get the idea! Congrats to Liz and Albert. And welcome to the world baby Harley


the CALM after the STORM!!!

So shortly after being given the epidural and the insertion of the catheter, things were just kind of mellow around here...then all of a sudden we hear a loud beeping noise and 2 doctors and 1 nurse rushed in here at the speed of light!!! Don't worry though, they ran into the wrong room first and freaked that lady out then came rushing in here. Harley's heart rate dropped a little but its all back to normal! Liz is enjoying her epidural and fresh oxygen.


Ok so after some very intense and painful contractions, they decided to get an epidural!! These pictures are in the wrong order...So upon deciding to get it, she was told she couldn't get it until she received 2 bags of fluid!!! Liz was not so happy...The second picture is the evil bag of fluid! After about an hour, the MAN OF THE HOUR came in and she received the epidural. At this point she is dilated to an 8 and is feeling very good! All we can say is keep waiting patiently. And thanks so much for all the support through texts, phone calls and comments! Ill post more soon and hopefully it will be about little Harley girl!!


Moving Along!!!

This is Kaylee here just giving everyone a quick update. Contractions are more intense and about 2 minutes apart. The doc came in and said shes between a 4 and 5. Liz is doing awesome and so is Albert! They are both chugging along...Ill post more soon

dialated to a three

we are trying to relax

doc is here

her water just involuntarily broke!!!!!!


So i know its been A while since the last post. but...
we are watching a new movie can you guess this one??
Liz is feeling good, contractions are very regular.
we are waiting for the doctor to check her out.


Liz is really on the ball, now if we could just get it rolling we could have this baby.
we are watching american dreamer


Ginny giving Lizzy a massage.....
this isn't a hospital, its a day spa??? hehe

Wasting Time

Ten points to whoever can guess what movie we're watching...

So Grandma is also here we picked her up yesterdayLiz is hooked up to all sorts of fun monitors
i love this machine below it is like a seismagraph of her belly hehe

this one is the same stuff just in digital i think it just looks cool and beeps
and it is real expensive.... thats probably why they put it in the room.
I bet they dont even know what half these machines do.... haha

I thought you might want to see the whole pic with all the machines and the beepings
Yes this 'inducing' thing is hard work......


So my goal is to beable to keep everyone updated on the "whats happening now" with Harley. this is albert by the way.... so be patient.....
So here is a perspective pic. Harley @5/6 mon.Here she is this morning before we came.Here we are outside the hospitalWe had a little babyshower this morning from a surprise
guest Ginny! she showed up late last night it was fun.So we get to the Hospital

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm in love

Just got this yesterday, (thanks Jess, by way of Tammy), and it is amazing. These boys simply never let me down. Love these guys.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harley Girl

Just thought I would put an update on here as well that we went to the Doctor today and, if we don't have the baby this week than we have an appointment to be induced on Saturday the 11th at 9 AM so we will have a baby this week!! Yay I won't be pregnant forever!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uncle Albert

"Has anyone seen Uncle Al?" (The Office)

My sister-in-law Jessie and her husband Tim took a trip to Las Vegas this week and tonight our nephews are spending some quality time with their Uncle. They just love him, and bring all sorts of things to do with him, their favorite being XBox. So here I am sitting next to all of these boys, who are mesmerized by the video game they are playing, while I try to find something to do! As I am sitting here I am just listening to them trash talk each other, and Logan lost the last time, and said "thats just sheep!" I am assuming that he meant cheap but one can never know hee hee. I am one lone girl here since my normally social cat has taken refuge hiding in our closet....traiter. I suppose these guys can be overwhelming!

Traiter Kitty...

Uncle Al...




The Players...

and that would be how I am going to be spending my evening, listening to these is entertaining, I must say :)

Love the Shavers