Friday, July 24, 2009


What are we rabbits??? Hahaha

This video is from a while ago but I love how talkative she is with her Gpa Shaver :)

The Shaver's

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am so sorry that I have been missing in action for the last 6 weeks, things have been so hectic!! So beware this is going to be a long post....

Here are some updates, and the pictures following the thought are the pictures that go with the experience:
I am not going to be coaching volleyball, I decided that it just wasn't the right thing for our family at the moment. The good thing is that at any point I know I can go and find someplace to coach.

We had a fun overnight/camping trip at Gma and Gpa Shaver's house which was really fun we watched movies outside on the trailer and made a fire and had smores, SO FUN!!!!!

I woke up one morning with my jaw out of place, I couldn't bite down or close my mouth all the way, it hurt so badly!! So come to find out you can go to the chiropractor and have your jaw put back in place, it is very painful, but worth it in the end :)

One day while I was at work at the Shaver office, Gma was holding Harley and I heard her call my name, so I went in and found this......

I just got back from a three and a half week trip, first to Leavenworth to go camping with the Shaver crew, which was a blast! On our way there ALbert, Caleb, Harley, and I went hiking, and I fell in :(

After which, Harley and I drove to CDA for a family reunion and a wedding, during that week we got to stay at the Daines' cabins which are so amazing, Thank you Daines fam!! (the cabin's are the blue and the white!)

The wedding was so perfectly sweet, and I just love Kami so much. I love seeing Matt smile when she is around, and hearing him talk about her when she isn't, Love you Kam (and your little ones too!!!)

The next week we stayed with Cassie and Steve and Candy ;) And Albert came for the weekend and we got to go see Brian Regan, which was AMAZING!!! We went to PF Changs first which was yummy :)

During the week Cassie and Candy and I made flowers and bows for the our baby girls to wear, and they are so cute, I am so proud of us!

We got to have dinner with the Davis and Javier fams a few nights which was fun :)

That weekend was the 4th of July, which Albert got to come for! We went to the parade downtown CDA which is always a blast, to the river, and then to the Daines' for the fireworks, which was soooo fun!On Sunday we drove back to Poulsbo and I got sort of caught up on all of my chores hahaha and then had to go to a team volleyball camp at Western Washington University. It was the last volleyball thing I was responsible for so even though it was very stressful with Harley in tow, since I had to stay in the dorms for four days and carry her non stop. She got really off of her schedule, so we have a lot of work to do for the next 4 weeks before we go on the Shaver family reunion.

Not much else is going on at the moment, and I promise that I will be better at posting from now on :)

So here are some random pics just for fun!!!

We love you!
The Shaver's