Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Girl

I know this is way past due, but that is how everything seems to be going in my life right now! I wanted to dedicate this post to my beautiful daughter. Harley turned 2 years old April 11. I can't believe that she is already 2 and that she isn't this little baby anymore.

She is such an amazing girl. She is smart, beautiful, rambunctious, loving, and she loves life. She is so happy all of the time and I love her so much! This year her birthday was on a tuesday so she and I had a little celebration at home with singing and a small gift (the bullseye that you can see pictured below), Auntie Cassie brought her that huge bear (which was a hit with everyone in our house, I'm not kidding there was an argument as to whose room it should go in!), and then we went out for a date with her to Coldstone when daddy got home from work.

This video is her singing happy birthday in the car on the way to Coldstone. Every time through out the day if I would ask her if it was her birthday, or how was her birthday going, she would burst into song.

This year for her birthday instead of making cake we decided to attempt Cake Pops. It actually wasn't quite as hard as we had anticipated once we got into the swing of things. They were a huge hit and we are excited for the next opportunity we have to make them! Since it was near Easter we did some of them as little chicks and then the rest with just sprinkles, and Albert made the stand for us from scratch!

(This pic kind of shows mid process)

We had a big family get together the sunday following her birthday at the park and enjoyed time with cousins and had cake pops and she got to open presents (Thank you everyone!) which was such a blast and really relaxed.

Can't believe my baby turned into this beautiful big girl! We love you Harley, Happy day!