Sunday, June 27, 2010


I know I am really behind in blogging, but I feel like I am really behind in a lot of things in my life as well. This last month we had to stay in a hotel due to some repairs that had to be done in our apartment. Hence me being behind in everything, cleaning, cooking (haven't cooked in a month), blogging, quilting, and many many more things. But I guess it's never too late to try to catch up right?

Other than me feeling behind, our little family is just chuggin along. Harley is getting so big, and just growing up so fast. Lately she loves puffy cheetos, dancing, being outside, and doing whatever the adults are doing. We have so much fun with her and are really excited to see what kind of personality this new baby will have.

These first pictures are of us at PF Changs, because of the damage in our apartment our insurance paid for us to stay in the hotel and paid for a certain amount of food so we took advantage of this and went to my favorite place! It was so delicious and Harley loved it too :)

Here is a video of Harley and Gma helping us move into our temporary home...

Loving bathtime as always...

One of Harley's new things to do is brush her hair. She will do it with anything she finds, including her toothbrush. She also uses the little silver circle thing in the bathtub as a mirror which is hilarious. So here is a video of her brushing her hair, and just a cute one (we think its cute) of her after bathtime.

Sorry that last video was so jumpy, hope it didn't make you sick!

Hopefully I will be back to post more soon, and I won't be so delinquent!