Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun, Games, and a Blessing too!

Ollo!!!! (Anyone?),

We have been gloriously busy and loving it. Yes I am behind on blogging but isn't that always the case?

Here is Timmy accepting a donation from NIC to the Special Olympics at the halftime of an NIC bball game...

We were so blessed to be able to have all of Albert's family come for Covelli's baby blessing. We had such a blast and are sad that it had to be such a short trip. Here are some pictures of their time here...

I finally finished the quilt that I started making Harley right after she was born, it only took me a year and a half! In my defense I had to acquire and borrow some of the equipment I needed so that is the excuse I will use as to why it took so long! Here is little snapshot of it, it is actually quite large!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party at skate plaza a few weeks ago, so Harley got to go skating for the first time! She had such a blast and so did we, she was quite coordinated, I can't say the same for myself!

Lastly a few recent pictures of our little munchkins. We are just having so much fun with them. Harley is getting so big and will be two in april which I just can't believe. Covelli is just a happy boy and such a tank!

Love ya later! The Shavers