Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 25, 2008

Do not pass go! Do not Collect 200 Dollars!!

At church yesterday a friend of ours gave us a Harley Davidson Monopoly. So we decided that we would play it last night. We all know how long this particular game takes, and we all know how competitive I am, and Albert is just as bad. All of these things combined leads to us early to bedders being up playing monopoly until midnight last night. Neither of us wanted to give up and so decided that it was totally worth staying awake and only getting a small amount of sleep. Of course I know you are all dying to know who won, and don't worry I will tell you. The lead went back and forth the whole night with each of us mortgaging properties and then getting out of debt until about 11 o' clock when the slow death of Albert came to pass. :( Awwww.....At the very end he ended up with only a get out of jail free card to bargain with, that was quickly lost (to me of course) and the game was over at midnight, with all of the properties in my possession, and almost all of the money as well. Oh well too bad I guess if I had to win....Just kidding I loved it I never win board games Tim always beat me! So that was a fun memory that we got to make thank you to the Starnes!!! The first picture is of the board, where you can see all of my garages and showrooms, the second shows my side with everything lol, and the third of my pouty baby husband. Luckily he was a good sport and didn't throw a fit when he lost, he just promptly got out his guitar and started singing a song about how he lost. 
So yay for fun late nights and good memories!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little more.....

So I did find a few more pictures....apparently there is this tradition at the reunions that the boys entertain everyone for like an hour by singing and doing skits and things that are stupidly funny :) and I guess that these people can't live without it and you know I should have just told them that they could keep one of them and then they wouldn't need it anymore ;) just kidding I love my silly anyway here are a couple pictures. The first is just a frisbee that was made by someone there, the second is a picture of us singing a boom chicka boom (zombie style, which was the one that I had to do) we sang this particular song for over 20 minutes with different versions one of which was english style. Now the reason that we did this one is because my mother-in-law's mother is originally from England and is still very rigid and strict about manners and all sorts of things, it is actually sort of entertaining to listen to her boss everyone around and complain about how people are doing things. The third picture is of Pasquale imitating her and all of her rules that she had for them while they were at her house like taking shoes off and hats off and and and....and it is very funny because the whole time she was trying to keep a straight face but it kept breaking into this verrrry small smile...but a smile nonetheless!! (which is another game they play, see who can get grandma to laugh heehee) but anyway there are some more pictures for you all! 

Love Liz

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Reunion/Vacation

Ok everyone, gird your loins (or so to speak) this is going to be another long one! I have a lot of fun pictures of the places we got to see and I just can't resist sharing! Sadly we really only have one picture of us because we were always the ones taking the pictures :) oh well! I think Isaac might have some on his camera so I will try to get those and post them later. Ok so the first place we went was Yellowstone, and we camped in Mammoth. The picture at the top is the view from the bridge as you are leaving Mammoth Hot Springs. The weather was great so we got to take the harley's on every trip through the park. So we had four harleys and then Jessie's suburban for those who were either not riding at all or who were waiting their turn.....see picture below...

So in Yellowstone, the first place we went was West Yellowstone to go to church, and then we went to Old Faithful and I was so happy that I got to see the Inn, since that is one of my favorite places to be! So here are a few pictures of that....(mostly for mom since she loves it as much as I do!) Just a note...the red sunglasses that are in my hand in the third picture would soon be lost as they fell off of my face on our ride the next day. :( Oh well I guess that means I get new ones right.....;)

So the next day we did two really amazing rides we went out through the park and went through Cooke City, and rode the Chief Joseph Trail which was amazing and at the top it talked about the battle that led Chief Joseph and a few others to lead their tribes up there. On the way down we saw a bear!!!  Right after that we rode the Beartooth, which is one of, if not the highest elevation that you can ride to on a motorcycle and it was really cold, (that is where I lost my glasses by the way...poo) but it was worth it because it was so beautiful! So here are some pictures of yellowstone on the way out, and then of Chief Joseph, and then of Beartooth. (I told you it would be long ;))

Ok those were Yellowstone here is Chief Joseph, and by the way I have decided that Isaac looks the coolest on a motorcycle hee hee don't tell Albert!

And now Beartooth....(I know I should make myself choose which pictures to post and believe me I am...this is the abbreviated version!)

After we left Yellowstone, we went to Heise Hot Springs which is right outside of Idaho Falls, and that is where my mother-in-law's family holds their family reunion. So that is where we stayed for the rest of the week! On one of the days we went to Jackson Hole and we went to the Grand Teton, and we saw a moose....A MOOSE I am not lying mom I really saw one! :) So here are some pictures of that...

Ok so those are all of the pictures that I have of our trip. While we were at the reunion we had a blast! We got to go swimming at a really fun pool with a water slide and a diving board, and we had lots of good food and relaxing time. Oh yes and I got to read the 4th book of the twilight series......Soooooooooooooooooo good!!! Now that I have sufficiently tired you of my trip it is time for me to go have some lunch! 
Love The Shavers