Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ok so after some very intense and painful contractions, they decided to get an epidural!! These pictures are in the wrong order...So upon deciding to get it, she was told she couldn't get it until she received 2 bags of fluid!!! Liz was not so happy...The second picture is the evil bag of fluid! After about an hour, the MAN OF THE HOUR came in and she received the epidural. At this point she is dilated to an 8 and is feeling very good! All we can say is keep waiting patiently. And thanks so much for all the support through texts, phone calls and comments! Ill post more soon and hopefully it will be about little Harley girl!!



Anonymous said...

Kaylee...I so wondered why you were taking a picture of the bags...but...what a terrrrrific piece of history...reminding us that when Liz said she simply couldn't keep goin' on...those bags resulted in her working through 40 more contractions...on her meds...and all the way to an 8!! What a victory 'er done!!! Love,, mom/gma

Kaylee said...

I think it was actually more than 40! We lost count with all the comotion going on. She was great and I was so proud of her!!!