Monday, November 22, 2010

Loving it!

I don't have much to report so thats why the blog has been neglected...But I can say that we are definitely enjoying the view from our windows! (See Below)...
and that we are super excited for thanksgiving in poulsbo and then christmas soon to follow! Yay for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worn Out

We have been having so much fun the last few weeks with the start of NIC Basketball. Harley loves to go to any sporting event so its great that we stay so busy. Harley is absolutely in love with the Cardinal at NIC, not just the mascot but any picture of the cardinal that she can find she has to point it out and at the game last night the Cardinal came and sat by her which she had been trying to get it to do all evening long. She loved it! Last week was a really busy one for us, we had basketball late one evening, grocery store trips, a football game and then a volleyball game that went right through naptime. The result is what you will witness in the video at the end.

(Harley and Gma at NIC basketball)
(Harley posing with the Cardinal)

(Harley loving on the Cardinal)

(The result of such a busy week)

'Til next time, The Shavers.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We had a really fun and laid back Halloween this year. We first got together with the fam and carved pumpkins...

(Harley and Daddy Carving our Pumpkin)

(More Harley and Daddy...)

After we got done carving our pumpkins we had a little relaxing time and ate these yummy Halloween cheesecakes that I made for everyone and watched some funny ones...
(Cheesecake treats)

(Harley chillin' with uncle Steve watching funny ones)
Then on Friday we made our delicious Pineapple Chili and made our way to the ward Chili cookoff and Trunk or Treat. Harley was a witch this year thanks to Auntie Kami for letting us borrow the costume! We had such a great time and actually placed third for our chili and won a prize :)

(Harley and Daddy enjoying the Chili)

(Mommy and Harley the Witch)

(Harley getting candy)
And lastly we went to Grandma and Grandpa's on Halloween for some delicious pizza and some trick or treating. We had such a fun time and were so proud of what a big girl Harley is turning into.

(Grandmother and her posse)

(Baby Blythe all comfy cozy in her tiger costume)

(Harley the Witch)

We made the mistake of trying to take our family picture at the end of the extravaganza and she did NOT want to wear her hat anymore so she was a bit sad. But overall we really had a great holiday and are excited for Thanksgiving to come!

Love the Shavers :)