Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little more.....

So I did find a few more pictures....apparently there is this tradition at the reunions that the boys entertain everyone for like an hour by singing and doing skits and things that are stupidly funny :) and I guess that these people can't live without it and you know I should have just told them that they could keep one of them and then they wouldn't need it anymore ;) just kidding I love my silly anyway here are a couple pictures. The first is just a frisbee that was made by someone there, the second is a picture of us singing a boom chicka boom (zombie style, which was the one that I had to do) we sang this particular song for over 20 minutes with different versions one of which was english style. Now the reason that we did this one is because my mother-in-law's mother is originally from England and is still very rigid and strict about manners and all sorts of things, it is actually sort of entertaining to listen to her boss everyone around and complain about how people are doing things. The third picture is of Pasquale imitating her and all of her rules that she had for them while they were at her house like taking shoes off and hats off and and and....and it is very funny because the whole time she was trying to keep a straight face but it kept breaking into this verrrry small smile...but a smile nonetheless!! (which is another game they play, see who can get grandma to laugh heehee) but anyway there are some more pictures for you all! 

Love Liz


Anonymous said...

And I thought our family was weird. Liz, you have no chance to be normal.


Life According to Scott said...

Liz, awesome pictures... Christensen... I had a roommate from college Paul Christensen and they were from Idaho... Wonder if.. they are related?
Small world!

Anonymous said...

...and the children have even less of a chance...truly!! I vote that someone in this crowd get busy and plan a reunion...I think we are ripe and ready...anyone?? Love, mom/gma (I promise I'll laugh!! And I'm sure there is plenty of make-fun-of-grandma material out there!!)

richard said...

Hi Liz,

You don't know me yet, but I am kind of you long lost brother-in-law. I am a friend of Tim and Jessie, and the father of Red Headed Step Child and her blond brother. (Just ask Mom and Dad, they will fill you in)

Congratulations on everything that is going on with you two!