Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't get Enough!

I didn't really have anything very exciting going on in my life right now to blog about, so I thought that I would just show everyone what I can't seem to get enough of right now.

1. The Office. The last few are more like the old ones which I have enjoyed.

2. Reading! And thank you to Cassie for letting me borrow this book, I loved it!!!

3. Sour Patch Kids.

4. Bath Taking, even though my bath tub is not nearly as luxurious as this one, in fact I barely fit in it sadly enough, but for some reason I love it all the same.

5. Lord of the Rings. Which I had to put two pictures of because the first one did not have a good enough picture of Legolas :)

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Milk of course. I find that every sunday I am making the dough and putting it in the fridge so that I have some for the week :O , and luckily for me I never run out of milk ;)

7. Fringe, and for any of you who have not watched it, I think that it is just awesome!

8. Mexican Food, and luckily we have found some great ones lately one that is only a few minutes from our house and not too expensive!!!

9. Blackberrys, I don't have one but I want one so bad, and I find myself looking at peoples phones to see if they have one, it's terrible.

10. My husband learning about child birth and what to expect. I am so comforted that he is gaining the knowlege to help me to be able to relax and be comfortable and not have to worry about being the responsible one during this whole experience. And that he is learning all that he can to help me since I want to try and do this naturally. I love listening to him ask other people questions about their experience so he can better know what to expect, and also asking the Doctor great questions so that we are as ready as we can be! Love you Babe!

So those are the things that lately I just can't seem to get enough of, and I am sure people around me especially my hubby are getting tired of them! But oh well :)
Love t0 all,
Getting tired of being pregnant, Liz


Life According to Scott said...

Oh liz... dont forget that your husband love molasses cookies... I love the fact that sour patch kids were on your list.. i love those thing until my tounge gets to bitter...
I cant wait for you to come over again.. It will be my treat to take you mexican food... I am taking more time off so come on over.
this saturday i am using your recipe for our ward chilli cook off

KSHammond said...

I LOVED mexican food, I still do, it will never go away! Baths are nice after you have the baby, infact bathing is great alone time after baby is born :)

Anonymous said...

Liz, your blog entry could have been written by several of your sisters and your mother. How strange!! (or not) Dad

Anonymous said...

I love just about everything...there's only one thing I don't like...and that's The Office...I don't watch it often. There is only one episode that I like and that's when they play basketball! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your top ten...and shouted, "Hooray!" for some of them. And, hip-hip-hooray...not too much time left!! Love, mom/gma-pretty-soon!