Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My motivation for blogging has been lacking as of late. The good news is that I seem to have mustered up some for this catch up blog. It will involve as far back as Covelli's birth and up to now, so brace yourself it might take awhile.

First I have a few pictures from bubba's first few days....

(Spending some time with Auntie Ginny)

(...and with Auntie Candy and GMA Davis)

(Meeting his big sister)


(Working some business angles with Gma, whilst taking a nap...He's a multi-tasker)

(Bubba walking...he's really advanced haha)

Now on to the Christmas festivities!! We had so much fun this year and were so blessed to be around so much family! There were cruises to the North Pole, fun treats and food, and of course Christmas Jammies!

(Daddy and Harley on their special date to the North Pole)

(Harley and Covelli in their Christmas Jammies...Courtesy of Auntie Betsy)

(Harley helping with the presents on Christmas morning)

(Harley with her Princess Tiana dollie from Auntie Cassie)
And I thought I would throw in a few pictures from a few days ago since Covelli has already changed so much!

(After his first haircut...thanks Auntie Candy)
(and here is the crazy pants of the family...I have no idea where she gets it)
Merry late Christmas and Happy late New Year!!!!
Love the Shavers


Abby said...

I love getting to see pics of all you beautiful people. We're so glad that you had great holidays, and that everyone is healthy and happy. Happy Birthday, too, Lizzy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...let's see...Albert's socks, fat-baby-cheeks X 2, loving mommy, aunties all around...and one verrrry proud Grandmother!! Love, mom/gma

PS...with Covelli's great new look ala-Auntie Candy, I had forgotten how very black his birth hair was...Such beautiful babies both!!!

dad said...

Covelli is so sweet, but what about the crazy pants? She is nutso.

Gin said...

Love all the pics! Seriously beautiful babies you have there...but you already know that. :)


Anonymous said...

that baby getting so big!!! love,tim\uncle tim

worldamazingfacts said...

ohhh so sweet your smile baby keep smileing ...

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