Monday, September 15, 2008

I know I'm a delinquent

I don't have much to post about but I thought that I would just put a little update on here. 

~We have decided to stay in Washington for a while instead of going to BYU-I. 

~We just moved into this house that has been vacant for quite sometime, it is very quaint and old but we love it. We got it because my boss it leasing it for his office and since it is a fairly good size he thought that he would rent the rest to us for a very good price. 

~I had my first craving yesterday (sunday) for chili and rice, but sadly we had none, and neither did my in-laws so I had to go without. 

~Oh yes and I CANNOT drag myself out of bed ever, and I mean that I literally will sacrifice anything for an extra 5 minutes, its terrible. But oh well! 

So anyway, that is my update, anyone who would like to visit Poulsbo, is more than welcome!!!! Love to all, The Shavers


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

it's about time..good seeing you in church yesterday...:)

Brousseau Family said...

Where have you been! I've been watching for your posts to come - it's about time. Sorry you feel lousy - it does get better - hang in there. Rice and Chili eh?


Life According to Scott said...

Wait what do you mean you can not get out of bed!

Is everything ok or do you carry the same jeans as mom!

Do you need anything YOU call me!
Love you

Whats the new address!

The Shavers said...

Lol I just don't want to get out of bed lol my body always wants to be sleeping!!! And did you get my email about the temple? And the new address is 1450 NW Finn Hill Rd. Poulsbo, WA 98370

Life According to Scott said...

yes i plan to see you there at two

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the snow to fly here and come over for a getaway.

Anonymous said...

What do you all mean "mom's" genes?? I can't imagine what you are talking about!!! And, see, Liz, I told you that you better survey the local courses!! Love, mom