Sunday, March 22, 2009

6 Random quirks

I've been tagged, it's weird because I saw my name and it didn't register that it was me haha, but here I go...

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1. I cannot stand to have the windshield wipers still up after the car is off, I think this is something that I aquired whilst living in this monsoon state :) lucky me.

2. I get ready in the same way every day. If I don't follow my routine my day is completely a mess haha, I have to shower, and do all of my shower stuff in the right order, and then get out and brush my teeth and do my hair, then my make-up, and then get dressed and put my jewelry on, and then my shoes go on last. Weird, but if it gets messed up my day just isn't the same.

3. I love NAPS!!!! I can convince myself to wake up early on the days that I have to, if I tell myself that I can take a nap later!

4. I don't really walk around bare foot because I don't like the feel of things on my feet, so I will wear slippers almost all the time. I just don't like feeling gritty things on my feet :)

5. I pick my outfit based on the shoes I want to wear that day :) and sometimes I will go through 10 or so outfits just to find one that matches the shoes that I want to wear.

6. I like to type, I know its weird but I just like to hear the sound of the keys, and know that I can look at the screen and type what I want without looking at the keyboard. It's the little things in life!!

Ok I tag......Betsy Shaver, Cassie Daines, Abby Maile, Candy Javier, Jackie Legg, and katie Brousseau!



Anonymous said...

It's funny how your day can get thrown off by varying from your favorite routines. I am like that too. Dad

Anonymous said...

I think this is weird to read but I am glad I got to read it...Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Can you inherit quirks??!! I pick my shoes first...I cannot stand get ready is in an exact order...and, and, and...yikes! Love, mom/gma (the original, I must say...unless we ask my mom, of course!)