Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Moving Process

This picture doesn't really have to do with our move, but it was just too cute to pass up. I miss those cutie pie Daines munchkins!!!

Ok, so this picture doesn't have to do with the move either...lets just ignore the fact that I am so easily distracted.....ignored? Perfect.

This one however, is the Harster being her usual crazy self in her bare naked crib while I do all of the packing. Why couldn't she have packed her own clothes? What is she a baby or something?

Here is some more of her sillyness, however in this one I believe she was yelling at me...bossy bossy bossy ;)

And finally, sacked out in her crib in her very own room. We couldn't be more excited about this new arrangement. Pictures of the house to come....I'm stringing you along. Is it working? I knew it!
I am waiting to take pictures until the day that we get our couch back. It had mold on it when we got it out of the storage unit and is in the process of being cleaned. But AFTER that, I promise you will get some pictures (very much anticipated I'm sure!) of our new abode.
Loves, the Shavers


The Daines said...

And....thank you for cutting me out of those pictures. I'm indebted.

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest baby in the world, why cant they just sleep all the time.

love alby J

dad said...

Thanks for these pics and can't wait to see the photos of your new place.

Anonymous said...

I just love interacting with your writing...can you hear me answering your questions!!?? These are delightful photos...I especially love that Cooper sleeps safely as his parents have the Ensign by there bed!!! And...I can just hear Harley-girl hollering at you!! Love, mom/gma

Anonymous said...

that was a great post i hope we have a good bloging soon! love,tim\uncle tim