Friday, September 24, 2010

Too old? I think not!

It may be almost October but posts from the end of August surely are not too old. Regardless, here they are. We didn't get to spend much time on the boat this year because our schedules didn't mesh very well but we did manage to get in one beautiful day right at the end of August and thank goodness too because it was one of the last good boat days. Harley helped her Daddy drive around for a bit and then we parked and blew up the big floatie thing and just lounged it was great! It really wore us out (see picture Harley conked in car)....

We also spent alot of time with Grandma Davis at Shock games this year and we had so much fun!! Harley especially loved being there and still to this day sings we will we will shock you with her shock flag. We got to be at the arena cup and we won which was great! They threw out tons and tons of confetti at the end and we went down on the field for Tim to get some signatures on his Arena Cup football, and Harley loved it down there!

And lastly we have changed our little munchkins name to Covelli...just for an update!
Love the Shavers


dad said...

What's a Coveli? Harley was in great form for the Shock victory celebration. So fun to have around!!

Anonymous said...

Never too late for so much chronicled fun!! Thanks for sharing life with us...and love!! Love, mom/gma

Anonymous said... you new site!! Mom

Jackie said...

It's never too late!! I love all the pictures. My favorite is definitely the sleeping one!

P.S. I love the name!

Anonymous said...

nothing fells better than being with family at the shock games hope to see you next season!! love,tim\uncle tim